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Author Biography

Valora (Val) Douglas is a Canadian author and blogger and works full-time coaching and managing a team of sales professionals for one of Alberta’s largest home builders.

An avid ‘success geek’ through her following of such thought leaders as John C. Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins, Val’s passion for helping people reach their full potential flows through in her writing. She published her first book in 2006, titled From Colic to Career, and the recent release of The Easy Road allows readers to be further inspired to set goals, take action, and believe in themselves.

Val’s career began in the early 90s at the front desk of a major advertising firm in Toronto. After relocating to Calgary, she began managing conferences in the energy industry, where she worked closely with PR teams for major oil and gas executives and government officials in both Canada and the US. In 2003, Val’s career led her to a new found passion for the home building industry and after much acquired knowledge and experience she developed her own personal action plan to achieve her sought-after goal of leading a sales team. In September 2011, this goal became a reality when she stepped into her career as Sales Manager – a role she continues today.

Alongside her husband, Kevin, the couple are parents of two GenZedders, and have firsthand experience in the joys and challenges of raising children in a society highly influenced by social media and sense of entitlement.

Val writes a weekly blog to inspire Generation Z and readers can follow her at