Achieving your goals won’t be easy, but you’re ready for anything that stands in your way!  Watch out Millennials because here you come!

Loadable to your iphone, ipad or device of choice, this remarkable ebook will provide you with first steps to design your life, take action on your goals, and demonstrate the importance of your character in the real world.

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Let’s be honest. There is no easy road. Life is a road that veers to the left, swerves to the right, presents sudden stops at cliffs or dead ends, and leaves you feeling flat after hitting too many potholes. But, it is all of these often unexpected events that develop and challenge your character, and eventually help you to become stronger along the way.

It is what you do with these experiences that is most important.

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Six Reasons you Need this Book

You Have Goals in Life

You have spent countless hours dreaming about what you want to do when you finish school. There is so much that you want to experience, so many places that you want to go, and so much that you want to accomplish. The time for independence has come but you're not sure how to take the first steps.

You're Tired of Being Broke

This minimum wage thing is not helping you get ahead. You work so hard and then after taxes you wonder how you will ever get a new car, afford all the great clothes that you want, or even move out on your own. Argh! Time for a career!

It's Your Life so Live it Your Way

You can finally chart your own path to the future and live life the way you have always dreamed. It may not be the way your best friend would do things, or the direction that your parents want you to go, but it is what you want and you know that you will be successful.

You Want to be Your Own Boss

You're an independent soul and you have big dreams. You don't see yourself working for someone else; you've done that and it's not what you want for your future. You have a need to let your creativity soar and create your own agenda.

You Want the Secrets to Help Achieve your Goals

You know that it's not going to be easy to achieve all that you want to in life. You have watched many people around you stumble through their career in an unhappy trance. You want to love what you do and get their fast so you welcome any advice or resources that will get you onto the path you need to be and to help you to stand out.

You Have Something to Prove

We all do - but this is different. You were never the smartest in the class, in fact you had to work extra hard to get the 'ok' grades that you did. Sometimes the others around you made you feel like you were incapable, but you knew otherwise. It is time stand up, prove your amazing strengths and talents, and accomplish all that you dream.

Valora L. Douglas

Valora (Val) Douglas is a Canadian author and blogger

An avid ‘success geek’ through her following of such thought leaders as John C. Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins, Val’s passion for helping people to reach their full potential flows through in her writing.   She published her first book in 2006, titled From Colic to Career, and the recent release of The Easy Road allows readers to be further inspired to set goals, take action, and believe in themselves. 

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Your Purpose in Life

Understand your true interests and passions, and how this translates into your career.

Personalize your Path

Set a career plan that’s right for you and make it happen!

Stand out Among Others

It’s a dog-eat-dog world! Let’s make you shine!